Quest Volume 16 Number 4 2020

Light Detection and Ranging (lidar): Where did lidar come from, and where’s it heading? - Lidar probes the atmosphere: Improving knowledge of clouds and aerosols - Shedding light on DVM: Satellite-based lidar measures daily marine migration - Lidar in the coastal zone: Quest explores its potential - Capturing Kruger in 3D: Izak Smit explains how lidar has been used in the Kruger National Park - Bird's-eye view: Paul Damian Mooney tells us about lidar applications in drones - 3D scanning the 'New Jerusalem’: The Zamani Project uses lidar to document heritage sites - Digitising dioramas: Preserving museum exhibitions with lidar - Wind and solar energy: Recent research on the impacts on birds - Snakes alive! Study reveals 10 ‘cryptic’ species in one - Citizen science: Cora Stobie and Michael Bates on using Facebook records of reptiles and amphibians - 2020 Nobel Prize: Chemistry: Genetic scissors: a tool for rewriting the code of life - 2020 Nobel Prize: Physics: Black holes and the Milky Way’s darkest secret - Bridging the gap: Refilwe Lukhwareni is an nGAP appointee - SAAO astronomer discovers comet - Girls4Tech and 4IR progress - Maths boffs represent Mzansi - New e-book for maths enrichment - UFS traditional medicine expert heads up WHO Regional Committee - Books - Puzzles - Back page science.
Cite: Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), (2020). Quest: Science for South Africa, 16(4). [Online] Available at:
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Browning, Claire ; Rüther, Heinz ; Black, Wendy ; Stobie, Cora
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