ASSAf Humanities Book Award Lecture by Dr Dariusz Dziewanski

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Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
The series of lectures serve as a continuation of the award ceremony, providing the award winners with a platform to present their journeys and motivations behind their books, discuss the societal impact of their work, and share the personal influence it has had on their lives. This lecture is aimed at enhancing the recognition of the exceptional scholarly contributions made by Dr Dariusz Dziewanski who was awarded the 2023 Humanities Book Award prize in the Emerging Researcher Category. With his book Gang Entry and Exit in Cape Town: Getting beyond the streets in Africa’s deadliest city, Dr Dariusz Dziewanski provides a detailed qualitative account of what it is like to join and later disengage from gangs in Cape Town. Through the life histories of 24 former gang members, Dariusz seeks to understand the structural forces that push people into gangs and street culture, as well as the potential pathways that gang members have for escaping the streets.
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Dziewanski, Dariusz ; Nkealah, Naomi ; Soudien, Crain
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