Quest Volume 19 Number 4

Money 101: Going from pocket money to a salary, a budget and life savings; The basics of the economy – and you: From inflation to interest rates to tax...; The not-so stoic investor: Your personality and emotions play a role in investing; ChatGPT and investing: Can ChatGPT help me to invest?; Crypto isn’t dead: The basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment; Opinion piece: Only degrowth can save us; 2023 NSTF Brilliants Programme: Turning a scientific idea into a business; Pollen-savvy with AI:SA scientists using Artificial Intelligence to improve pollen forecasts; Citizen bird science in KNP: Citizen science and satellite data shed light on bird diversity in Kruger National Park; The light electric: Photonics and electronics is all around you; Ocean-friendly shark fence: Eco-friendly shark barrier technology from South Africa installed in the Bahamas; Biodiversity Biobanks: An insurance policy for the future of nature; FameLab 2023 winner: AI researcher crowned SA’s top young science communicator; Solve for Tomorrow schools competition: Winning school showcases innovative pothole solution; Ancient diamonds: Old diamonds shine light on the evolution of Earth’s continents; Electric minibus taxis: On the bumpy road to electric mobility in SA; South African women in science, take a bow!:2023 L’Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science winners announced;
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van Rensburg, Johnny Jansen
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