Quest Volume 20 Number 1

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Academy of Science of South Africa
Department of Science and Innovation (DSI); Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
AI in Africa: Realities, challenges and solutions; You and I; we and AI: Knowingly and unknowingly, we are increasingly using AI in everyday life; THREAT2023 Conference: Navigating cyber threats and AI opportunities for a brighter digital future; AI for better TB diagnostics: Diagnosing Tuberculosis is challenging, but AI is making things easier; Large Language Models (LLMs):Taking a look at the heavyweight contenders; Whose jobs will AI replace?: Here’s why a clerk in Ethiopia has more to fear than one in California; Nanodiagnostics: A revolution in disease management; A REFRESHing journey: discover SA’s freshwater fish parasites; Collaring Himalayan brown bears: South African veterinarian part of collaborative effort; The future of microbiome-based therapeutics: It’s all in your gut; A spice as medicine: The possible role of turmeric in treating Parkinson’s disease; Nanotech pioneer: Prof Nyokong to receive sixth Honorary Doctorate; First underground lab for Africa in Du Toitskloof mountains: – accessed via the Huguenot tunnel; Clinical trials find firstever safe and effective TB treatment: preventing multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis in children and adults; Remove microplastics from drinking water: There’s a surprisingly simple way; Media reviews: AI text-to-image generators; Subscription
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Bandini, Rossella ; Ballot,Daynia ; Maphanga,Charles ; Tjale,Mabotse ; Ombinda-Lembounda,Saturnin ; Mthunzi-Kufa,Patience ; van Rooyen, Fanie ; Shafiabady,Niusha ; Thwala, Lungile Nomcebo ; Thobakgale Lebogang ; Tlomatsane, Moratoa ; Mcotshana,Zenande ; Truter,Marliese ; Erasmus,Anja ; Malherbe, Kerry ; Smit, Nico ; Ramnath,Nitha
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