Quest Volume 12 Number 1 2016

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Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
Contents: Timing is everything: Hermann Uys explains the weird and wonderful world of time-keeping with atoms - How old is the Earth?: 'Deep time ' is a vital concept when working out the age of the Earth, Tebogo Makhubela and Jan Kramers explain - Time - evidence for the existence of mathematical reality?: Abstract concepts in mathematics become real through our understanding of time by Zurab Janelidze - Achilles and the tortoise and other paradoxes: Quest investigates Zeno's famous paradoxes - The dream of a green economy: How South Africa needs to move towards sustainable agriculture by Constansia Musvoto - Time and its measurement through the ages: Jan Smit tells us how the measurement of time developed - More than flavour for food: Catherine Kaschula tells us about the wonderful properties of garlic - Non communicable diseases and the possible role of the school tuckshop: Patricia Albers and Caradee Wright suggest how school tuckshops could help to prevent obesity and its associated diseases - Quest: Science for South Africa: Tsepo Majake shows how Quest is expanding into social media and events - Self-paced learning, collaboration, creativity - the school of the future is now: Star Schools explain the excitement around electronic learning - Why time moves forward - NWU now developing trailblazing medicine - Cosmic glasses for space exploration - Stellenbosch University researchers receive R9.7 million for 'Off the Beaten Track' project - 20 years of Science for Society - Research helps intensify battle against TB - Machine learning helps discover the most luminous supernova in history - Running faster than T. rex - Jupiter's red spot - Prehistoric hunter-gatherers - evidence of warfare - Science Centre Conglomerate - committed to sharing scientific knowledge with the public - Mathematics puzzle
Cite: Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), (2016). Quest: Science for South Africa, 12(1). [Online] Available at:
Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), (2016). Quest: Science for South Africa, 12(1). [Online] Available at:
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