Quest Volume 13 Number 3 2017

Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) (2017)

Cite: Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), (2017). Quest: Science for South Africa, 13(3). [Online] Available at:

Conservation through film (Lize Joubert-van der Merwe shares her excitement around a conservation documentary); ‘First light’: Expansion of the radio astronomy network to Ghana (Lorenzo Reynard showcases Ghana’s role in the African very long baseline Interferometer Network); The Harlequin ladybird: The bad side of a cute beetle (Ingrid Minnaar explains why ladybirds are not cute); Legends of South African Science (ASSAf celebrates 20 years by featuring important South African scientists); Because Science is Fun - Stories of Emerging Female Scientists in South Africa (Caradee Wright shares twenty-five journeys of ordinary South Africans living extraordinary lives); Why is pi (π) important? (Jan Smit and Ashleigh Pieterse explain the importance of the constant pi); Science Lens (Science in photography); Listen up! Eavesdropping on Cape Peninsula endemics (Marike Louw tells us about listening to frogs); This Enigmatic Dinosaur may be the missing link in an evolution mystery; New research reveals earliest directly dated rock paintings from southern Africa; 400 million-year-old fish fossil reveals jaw structure linked to humans; Urbanisation and electricity are not to blame for sleep loss, new study finds; Aardvarks’ tragic fate points to worrying consequences for wildlife as a result of climate change; New shrimp species has unique association with octopus.

Publisher: Academy of Science of South Africa
Sponsorship: Department of Science and Technology
Peer review status: Non-Peer Reviewed