Quest Volume 17 Number 1 2021

Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) (2021)

Cite: Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), (2021). Quest: Science for South Africa, 17(1). [Online] Available at:

Whale song Fannie Shabangu tells us about the underwater melodies of ocean giants - Whistlers of the waves Tess Gridley reports on her team’s research on dolphin communication - Deep-sea drumming Dave Japp and Kerry Sink explain whether something fishy is going on - Tracking inshore fish Rebecca Vuyolwethu Mxo uses sound to understand the movements of coastal fish - Sound science for counting fish Janet Coetzee explains the role of hydroacoustics in fishery surveys - Listening to the seafloor Andy Green tells us about the use of sound in marine geological mapping - Ocean noise at full blast Jean Purdon explains how seismic surveys could impact marine life - Seabirds and infrasound Jeff Zeyl shares his research on low frequency hearing in birds - What meteorites can tell us about Mars Ambre Nicolson finds out from UCT geologist Geoffrey Howarth - Mars Perseverance Quest reports on the rover’s landing on the ‘red planet’ -Tackling the PSHB beetle Student and historic estate managers join forces to save the trees – Tracing ancient human diseases Primarashni Gower profiles bioarchaeologist Riaan Rifkin - COVID-19 vaccines Edina Amponsah-Dacosta answers some frequently asked questions - Traditional healers discuss sustainable use of medicinal plants - Maths Professor makes his mark.

Author and contributor ORCIDs: Fannie Shabangu ORCID; Tess Gridley ORCID; Kerry Sink ORCID; Rebecca Vuyolwethu Mxo ORCID; Janet Coetzee ORCID; Jean Purdon ORCID; Edina Amponsah-Dacosta ORCID; Riaan Rifkin ORCID; Primarashni Gower ORCID
Publisher: Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
Sponsorship: Department of Science and Innovation; Academy of Science of South Africa
Peer review status: Non-Peer Reviewed