Quest Volume 13 Number 4 2017

Academy of Science of South Africa (2017)



A plague of plastics Morgan Trimble and Katherine Hutchinson look at plastic pollution - Seamester: South Africa’s University afloat postgraduate educationt sea. By Morgan Trimble and Katherine Hutchinson - Science at sea how the oceans define our life on earth. By Morgan Trimble and Katherine Hutchinson - Quantum walks Bereneice Sephton, Angela Dudley and Andrew Forbes explain the importance of random motion - Hubble’s MESSIER - Catalogue Some of the best images from the Hubble space telescope - How we used the Earth’s magnetic field to date rocks rich in dinosaur fossils. By Lara Sciscio - Forgotten fossils hold clues to how ancestors of mammals cared for their young we all know that mammals protect and care for their young. Was this always the case? By Sandra Jasinoski and Fernando Abdala - Nothing matters: How the invention of zero helped create modern mathematics - Ittay Weiss explains the importance of zero in modern mathematics - The Nobel Prize for physics 2017 - This year’s Nobel Prize for physics goes to three people ...