Workshop on Measuring Deprivation in Order to Promote Human Development

Academy of Science of South Africa (2015)

Proceedings and other reports


Poverty reduction is a critical factor outlined in both the Millennium Developmental Goals 2015 (MDGs) and the National Developmental Plan (NDP) – Vision 2030. In order for South Africa to make progress in this regard, definitions of the different forms of deprivation and human development and indicators for their measurement are needed to monitor and evaluate any programme implemented to reduce poverty. The focus of the workshop was to understand the different dimensions of poverty and how appropriate and good measures of poverty can be developed and implemented. The workshop aimed to facilitate a holistic approach, inclined toward key recommendations outlined in the NDP – Vision 2030. The aims and objectives of the workshop were to: • Enhance understanding of poverty and its different dimensions. • Enhance understanding of the debates over the types of measures required to monitor the different dimensions of poverty and the levels at which poverty thresholds should be set and by whom. • Document the phases and substance of the poverty measurement debate in post-apartheid South Africa and the details surrounding this discussion.