Addressing the global challenges of multimorbidity – lessons from South Africa

The Academy of Medical Sciences (2016-11)

Workshop Proceedings


Prevalence, burden, determinants and risk factors (Chair: Professor Karen Hofman) - Session 1: What is multimorbidity and why is it important? - World Health Organization (WHO) perspective (Dr Taskeen Khan, WHO South Africa) - Perspective from the UK (Professor Stewart Mercer, University of Glasgow) - Perspective from South Africa and beyond (Professor Steve Tollman, University of the Witwatersrand) - Panel discussion (Panellists: Professor Stewart Mercer, Professor Steve Tollman, Dr Taskeen Khan) - Session 2: Showcasing research into multimorbidity - Mental health disorders and other conditions (Professor Inge Petersen, University of KwaZulu-Natal) - Rheumatological and musculoskeletal disorders (Professor Alan Silman FMedSci, University of Oxford) - HIV and related infectious diseases (Dr Halima Dawood, University of KwaZulu-Natal) - Major cardiometabolic diseases and risk factors (Professor Andre Pascal Kengne, South African MRC - Panel discussion (Panellists: Professor Inge Petersen, Professor Alan Silman FMedSci, Dr Halima Dawood and Professor Andre Pascal Kengne) - Session 3: Determinants and risk factors of multimorbidity - Determinants of multimorbidity (Dr Tolu Oni, University of Cape Town) - Cardiovascular disease: aetiology and multiple related conditions (Professor Francesco Cappuccio, University of Warwick) - Aetiology and multiple unrelated conditions (HIV, obesity and diabetes) (Professor Naomi (Dinky) Levitt, University of Cape Town) - Panel discussion (Panellists: Dr Tolu Oni, Professor Francesco Cappuccio, Professor Naomi (Dinky) Levitt) - Session 4: Analysing the evidence and identifying research gaps in South Africa and beyond - Group 1: Defining multimorbidity - Group 2: Understanding the burden of multimorbidity - Group 3: Understanding the causes of multimorbidity - Group 4: Preventing and treating multimorbidities - Day 2: Research and health systems (Chair: Professor Stephen MacMahon FMedSci) - Session 5: Challenges and opportunities for clinical care and research Methods for multimorbidity guideline development and the local guideline landscape for South African primary care (Dr Tamara Kredo, South African MRC) - Challenges of clinical care for co-occurring infectious and non-communicable diseases (Professor Lara Fairall, University of Cape Town) - Panel discussion (Panellists: Dr Tamara Kredo, Professor Lara Fairall) - Session 6: Delivering health services for patients with multimorbidity - Delivering health services in South Africa (Dr Brian Ruff, PPO Serve) - Delivering health services: International experience (Professor Martin Roland FMedSci, University of Cambridge) - Indian collaborative care models (Dr Rajesh Sagar, AIIMS) - Session 7: Addressing the research gaps and challenges for multimorbidity in South Africa (Chair: Professor Stephen MacMahon FMedSci) - Proposed research topic one: Sugar tax legislation - Proposed research topic two: Psycho-social factors as determinants of multimorbidity - Proposed research topic three: Combined care for people who have multimorbidities - Proposed research topic four: Role of the patient (how the patient can be better involved in the management process).