Quest Volume 12 Number 4 2016

Academy of Science of South Africa (2016)

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Contents: Africa’s giant eye n the sky: Inspiring society by exploring the Universe/Petri Vaisanen shows how SALT is expanding our Universe - A night in the life .../ Lisa Crause gives us a glimpse of a night at the observatory - Maintaining our second largest telescope: Keeping Africa’s second largest optical telescope, the old ‘74-inch’, in business/ by Lisa Crause - Old telescopes, new software/ Carel van Gend shows that old telescopes are still useful - Hidden galaxies/ Anja Schröder provides a multiwavelength view of galaxies hidden by our Milky Way - SALT – astronomy for the benefit of the people/ Sivuyile Manxoyi shows how astronomy contributes to sustainable development - The history of the stars/ David Gilbank uncovers the history of star formation - How do we know what we know/ Steve Crawford explains how astronomers use spectroscopy to unlock the secrets of the Universe - The transient Universe/ David Buckley explains how we are observing the transient universe in South Africa - Sprites over South Africa - Mathematical puzzle